Wholesale stationery retail price, fast delivery in the North

Wholesale stationery retail price, fast delivery in the North . Stationery is the common term for essential items used in office, student learning tools. “We are sure you will want to come back again because we deserve it.” That is a soulful affirmation of the quality of wholesale stationery in Thanh Binh . Born in the context of stationery products increasingly diverse in designs and prices, Thanh Binh . commitment, this is a supplier of stationery with low price, original price in the North.

Wholesale stationery retail price, fast delivery in the North
Wholesale stationery retail price, fast delivery in the North

Supplying wholesale and retail stationery in the North 

As a supplier to the provinces in the country and wholesale price stationery in the North in particular. Thanh Binh is proud to be the best supplier of genuine wholesale stationery in terms of service quality and product. With professional staff, always enthusiastic and happy at work, you will surely be surprised.

Thanh Binh has two separate distribution price channels for stationery at wholesale prices, typically:

  • Wholesale distribution price channel: this object often applies to the bookstore supermarkets, the stationery retail businesses, the stationery wholesaler.
  • Distribution pricing channel for companies and businesses to use: or apply administrative and non-business units, schools, banks, hospitals, manufacturers companies, office services, …

For Thanh Binh (wholesale stationery supplier in the North), customer satisfaction is our top priority. This satisfaction has been clearly shown in each product and service that we are providing: high quality of products, competitive price, fast delivery, correct accuracy and Most concern is to bring efficiency to customers.

We have built the best business principles to serve customers such as:

– The product’s price is always the best optimization compared to other suppliers.

 – Free consultation support, helping customers to select the most suitable products for their needs and costs.

– Commitment that the products we supply are genuine and reputable from the manufacturer, with clear origin.

– Regularly implementing many periodical promotions, giving other products and supporting attractive discount policy.

– Free delivery service, many types of payment when buying. Responding to customers’ needs quickly, ensuring no interruption in your production and business activities.

 – Flexible return policy, at any time of the day when you feel dissatisfied, our products can be exchanged for free.

 – Cheerful, considerate, cheerful and nimble staff will enthusiastically help you with questions that are entangled.

In the process of development, Thanh Binh is constantly trying to preserve the value of its built-up brand. In addition, we always remind ourselves to constantly improve so that our customers continue to trust and cooperate for a long time and see our company as a valuable partner in your upcoming success.

Thanh Binh we sincerely thank customers when choosing us to cooperate in the past time. And honestly, we are always confidently ready to welcome new customers who are looking for a supply of stationery supplies in the North.

If you are in need of stationery purchase, please contact us.



Address:  Center of construction technology transfer, Lane 50, Luong The Vinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

Phone:  0243 552 8580.

Hotline:  0982.324.556  (Mr. Dang)

Website:  www.thanhbinhvpp.com   | www.thanhbinhvpp.com

Mail:  vppthanhbinh8580@gmail.com

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